Dental FAQs


1. What if I'm afraid of the cost of treatment?

We'll tell you all the costs ahead of time, including your initial visit. If you need to make payment arrangements, our front desk will be happy to discuss your options. We're dedicated to working with you and your insurance to maximize your benefits.

2. What if I'm embarassed about my mouth?

In our over fifty years of combined experience, we've seen all sorts of people in all sorts of conditions. No one here is judging you. In fact, we always say making the appointment is the first important step. Sometimes we can't fix things overnight, but we'll work with you one step at a time until you have the smile you've always wanted.

3. What are the ages of the patients you treat?

We work with patients of all ages - from 6 months old to people in their 90's!

4. If I'm afraid of the dentist, how will you put me at ease?

We understand a trip to the dentist can provoke anxiety. We're dedicated to kindly, gently caring for your teeth. Our team is here to talk to you about your concerns and address them as best as possible. For your comfort, we offer:

  • Bose noise-cancelling headphones
  • Blankets
  • Neck pillows
  • Sunglasses
  • Laughing gas (Nitrous oxide)
  • Medication for anxiety

In addition, our doctors and staff are full of patience, and experienced dealing with all sorts of issues. We're happy to accommodate you in any way possible so that you have a comfortable, positive dental experience.

5. How do I know if you are the best dentist for my unique needs?

Dr. Isaacson and Dr. Barclay have over fifty years of experience between the two of them. We've done many of our routine procedures thousands of times, with great success, but we also know our limits and we're not afraid to refer you to another specialist for treatment, if necessary. We'll treat you the way we would like to be treated.

6. What if I'm in pain?

If you're in pain during office hours, we'll try to see you that day. If you're a patient of record and in pain after hours, there will always be a dentist on call and ready to help. If you have not yet established care with us, and you're in pain, you'll need to call during office hours for an appointment during the day.

7. What if I have a hard time getting numb?

Please let us know so we can schedule extra time for anesthesia. Sometimes anxiety makes getting numb more difficult, and an anti-anxiety agent may help you. We are very gentle when giving anesthesia; we know this is a time of heightened anxiety for many patients.

9. What if I have medical problems?

We will ask you for an accurate list of medications and medical history. We may ask your permission to consult with your physician before proceeding with care.